Start from where you are right now

Start from where you are right now

Focus on where you are, with what you have with what you can do right now…

Vision and where you are HEADED is great BUT when you get overwhelmed by ALL the steps in front of you or why you CAN’T this is the simplist way to START.

Do what you can right now with what and how you can.

FOCUS FROM WHERE YOU ARE pinterest thumbnailSmall steps towards your focus every day reaches goals.

You are not your circumstance
You are not your injury
You are not your bank account
You are not your current situation
You are not your past stories and events.

You ARE wherever you are putting your attention.
You are wherever you put your FOCUS
You are where you direct your energy.

The best part? It’s a CHOICE. It’s a DECISION and you can take one step forward in the direction you are headed every single day and sooner than later you will achieve what you are after.

RESULTS come from FOCUS and the habits you practice towards that focus.

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