A few weeks ago, I sustained an injury to my hand. The result was a massive loss in grip strength and the inability to push & pull weight. I am going to walk you through the steps that I took to build an exercise program around the injury. In theContinue Reading

The infamous Body Mass Index formula, and all the kerfuffle it brings. If only we knew just how old it is and what was behind its creation. Believe it or not, it first made an appearance in 1830 under the name ‘Quetelet Index’ by Adolphe Quetelet; He was a BelgianContinue Reading

  Wouldn’t it be unequivocally quaint if we could just pick up heavy objects and equally gain muscle mass and strength throughout our entire body?  Chances are if you consider yourself ‘right or left-handed’, you are already well aware of both size and strength discrepancies between either side. Ten yearsContinue Reading

A phenomenon observed on a global scale in fitness communities all across the world.  In Germany, it’s known as Protein-Shake. In Sweden, it’s called Protein Drink. In France, they say Shake Protéiné. Not only are conversations limited to the flavor of the contents, or the introduction of additional ingredients toContinue Reading

A question I get asked quite often is: ‘The workout program I’m following says I need 15-30 minutes of cardio. What should I do?’ It’s honestly a very good question, and it depends on you’re fitness goals, age, and believe it or not your personal preference. Treadmill The patent forContinue Reading

The beginning of the new year is fast approaching. Ever so predictably, the majority of us are probably not even remotely aware of our success or failure let alone what resolutions were made. The statistics that are focused around resolutions are very revealing towards our natural desire to correct theContinue Reading