03 Aug Thigh and Ab Workout Posted at 14:04h in Workouts by Natalie Jill This one is FUN and different and you can do it anywhere with your own bodyweight! Put on your favorite music and have fun with it!  THIGHS and ABS! Working those THIGHS and ABDOMINALContinue Reading

29 Jul 3 AB Moves With A Stability Ball Posted at 12:41h in Workouts by Natalie Jill These will totally work your abs and core! All you need is a stability ball  ABS, CORE, OBLIQUES 3 moves with a stability ball (and with modifications below) Forearm rollouts fromContinue Reading

04 Jul Stability Ball Core Progression Workout Posted at 08:47h in Workouts by Natalie Jill CORE training beginner to super advanced! 6 levels here! Start where you can and progress from there! No shame in beginning! Master the first before progressing to the next. Showing all 6 levels hereContinue Reading

30 Jun Full Body Plank Variations Posted at 15:39h in Workouts by Natalie Jill Another SINGLE exercise full body workout with lots of variations! You all loved yesterday’s bear crawl variations and asked for more!  PLANK VARIATIONS to try High Leg to knee Pike walk ups Walk insContinue Reading

24 Jun One Exercise Full Body Workout Posted at 19:29h in Workouts by Katrina Lacbungan Bear crawl variations! One move that works your WHOLE BODY!  You can do these anywhere, anytime and at any fitness level! Level one: hold Level two: spin around Level three: travel! Side toContinue Reading

15 Jun Super Simple Shoulder Workout Posted at 17:47h in Workouts by Natalie Jill Defined shoulders shape your whole arm and make your waist look smaller 😉 These are the shoulder exercises I’ve been doing the last few weeks to get back muscle there (while my distal bicep tearContinue Reading