06 Apr Worry Solves Nothing Posted at 19:41h in Motivation by Natalie Jill Worry Changes Nothing Up until about a week ago I was not feeling so good most days…I was super stuck in the worry about what my arm injury meant and then the worry of everything goingContinue Reading

31 Mar Navigating This Time Posted at 01:02h in Motivation by Natalie Jill Before this video, I had not gone “live” on Facebook and Instagram for quite some time! Between my accident and what is happening in the world I wanted to take some time to navigate things myself.Continue Reading

30 Mar Home Workout Help Posted at 19:27h in Motivation by Natalie Jill If it was not for my injured wing and recovering from this dang accident I would be doing SO MANY LIVE HOME WORKOUTS WITH YOU ALL!! I mean body weight and home workouts are my jam!Continue Reading

Oh hi ANXIETY! There you are old friend. Yesterday I polled many of you on my stories and ANXIETY was the number one feeling being felt. Gee I wonder why?! It’s not like anything has changed in our worlds lol. I am not a dealing with anxiety expert but unmmmContinue Reading

22 Mar Creating Income From Home Posted at 19:43h in Motivation by Natalie Jill The reality of the Corona Virus is getting real…The virus is spreading. States are implementing state wide shut downs and our economy is taking a huge hit. To put this in perspective, 2 weeks agoContinue Reading

16 Mar Adjusting To New Normals Posted at 16:47h in Motivation by Natalie Jill First walk in almost 2 weeks since my surgery (I feel free lol) But gosh.. figuring out “new normals” can feel so hard right? I was having to doing this with my whole arm accidentContinue Reading

14 Mar There Is Always A Positive Spin Posted at 18:34h in Motivation by Natalie Jill Before we knew that the coronavirus and social distancing was a critical thing, I tore my bicep at the distal. Last Tuesday I had emergency surgery and MY world as I personally knewContinue Reading

12 Mar Coronavirus and Toilet Paper Posted at 19:20h in Motivation by Natalie Jill The Corona Virus is scary and serious… the toilet paper hoarding and scarcity is just weird. Crazy how fast things can change in a week! This coronavirus has really created so much fear around theContinue Reading