03 Aug Starting Over Posted at 07:54h in Motivation by Natalie Jill What you don’t see behind the images , content and videos that I share is the girl who failed so many times. Those failures hurt A LOT. Financially, mentally, and emotionally. Those failures cost me a lotContinue Reading

15 Jul Thought Become Things Posted at 18:23h in Motivation by Natalie Jill Always. Every single thing that you’ve stepped into, that you’ve created, that you have generated, that you have achieved, that you have become was a THOUGHT first. Same with the other way around. Missed goals, missedContinue Reading

16 Jul Blaming Changes Nothing Posted at 13:43h in Motivation by Natalie Jill BLAME… It’s everywhere. It’s our spouses fault, our exes fault, our bosses fault, the economy’s fault. It’s our neighbor, the doctor, the food companies, our age, our diagnosis fault.  It’s our dang genetics, the advertisers faultContinue Reading

21 Jul Wrist or Back Pain When You Plank? Posted at 18:25h in Motivation by Natalie Jill DO YOU LOVE OR HATE PLANKS? If you only have time for ONE move this is what to do! But… You might be doing them wrong… especially if your lower back orContinue Reading

09 Jul How Nicole Released The Weight For Good Meet Nicole! Standing 5 feet tall and 177 lbs, Nicole was depressed, overweight, unhealthy and had lost her confidence and purpose. While viewing a picture of herself on vacation she had a defining moment. She didn’t recognize the person she hadContinue Reading