17 Jun We Almost Didn’t Make It Posted at 12:41h in Motivation by Natalie Jill We almost didn’t make it. 10 years together, married 5 years TODAY at the San Diego courthouse (then 2 months later with family and friends) And…yup… we almost didn’t make it. So many upsContinue Reading

17 Jun When we focus on what we don’t like Posted at 12:46h in Miscellaneous by Natalie Jill When we focus on what we do not like Earlier this week I shared a new shoulder workout with you! It was something I have been doing during my distal BicepContinue Reading

15 Jun Blame Doesn’t Fix Things Posted at 18:15h in Motivation by Natalie Jill You can’t build amazing things on a broken foundation… Brooks is my second husband. Yup… had a failed marriage before. And, as I have shared before we (me and Brooks Hollan) also almost did not makeContinue Reading

15 Jun Super Simple Shoulder Workout Posted at 17:47h in Workouts by Natalie Jill Defined shoulders shape your whole arm and make your waist look smaller 😉 These are the shoulder exercises I’ve been doing the last few weeks to get back muscle there (while my distal bicep tearContinue Reading

10 Jun Rise of The Fit Pros Posted at 13:56h in Guest Blogs by Natalie Jill   ** Note, this is a GUEST BLOG from my friends Eric and Chris Martinez How to Create More Income, Influence, Impact, & Independence Through In-Person & Online Personal Training Now Is TheContinue Reading

01 Jun Live Out Loud with Brooke Thomas Posted at 04:30h in Podcast by Natalie Jill Live Out Loud with Brooke Thomas At the young age of 26, a pregnant Brooke Thomas was diagnosed with stage 3 Melanoma! She was told to have an abortion and start chemotherapy. BrookeContinue Reading