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There are thousands of cars available for rent on our website. And hundreds of rental contracts are opened via our website every day. Using a rental site with a large car inventory offers you a limitless choice when making a decision. You can contact the customer support representative via WhatsApp or email to know and visit the offer page of different rental companies. Car rental shortage is a real problem when it comes to renting cars. Do you want to buy a car of your own but do not have the required budget?

No Credit Card Fees – Hoping to make your payment through either a debit or credit card? At Al Emad, we do not charge extra in the name of credit card fees. For booking you just have to contact us via phone or WhatsApp directly. With all of that capacity inside your car, you won’t have to worry about the number of bags you’re taking with you or even that extra luggage the Mrs. will be carrying. It’s an efficient, convenient car to rent, as it will serve all your needs and purposes while easing your transportation method. When you’re in Dubai for a business meeting or just for the holidays, transportation is somewhat a dilemma if you have to be in multiple places in a small time frame.

Why Hire A Car From Us?

CDW is a supplementary insurance coverage provided to those who rent a vehicle. This waiver protects them against losses caused by the theft or damage of a rental car. To rent a car in Dubai at a cheap price, discover our large selection of vehicles and don’t miss out on our various offers and deals and trustworthy services.

Sedans in Dubai add a little more luxe and comfort to the equation. You can easily find both large and mid-sized sedans in Dubai and pick them as per your budget or space requirement. The range and options rental companies have when it comes to sedans are completely over-the-top. There is a good chance that you will get a sedan as your rented car if you leave the option open for the rental company.

Daily Rentals

Having said that, it is still entirely possible to rent great value cars at 21. Most car rental providers using the Renty platform will offer this service. However, provided the driver has a valid license and documentation, there is no reason why they cannot enjoy driving the vehicle. Whether you are looking for a luxury or budget car rental in Dubai, the minimum rental period for all our vehicles is 24 hours. We also provide customized rent a car plans to cater to those customers that seek a long-term solution. Make your Dubai vacation or business trips a well-pampered one by picking the premium rental cars in Dubai.

The Renty platform has a comprehensive range of cars for all occasions and budgets. This includes luxury cars like Rolls-Royce, supercars like Ferrari and Porsche, and more economical options, such as Honda and Chevrolet. A full range of car designs are also available, including SUVs, vans, sedans, hatchbacks, and more.

Top 6 Best Rent A Car Companies In Dubai

Car rentals can open up various possibilities for making your trip the best it can be. Guaranteed pick-up and delivery at your doorstep for every booking. We work hard to make hiring a car incredibly simple and convenient. Best car rental system in UAE is because the car will hand over after complete checking and cleaning. We are CarYaati, a trusted car rental online platform owned by SoftSeek Technologies Inc. If you have already picked up the vehicle, it is necessary to contact the location directly.

  • Leading the pack in this regard is the Mercedes Benz G Class at 1,250AED, the Porsche Macan at 1,200AED, and the Mercedes Benz 300 at 650AED per day.
  • All the Rotana Star rental line vehicles are new, well serviced, and run like a dream.
  • Checking for Car Rentals in Dubai and got the right place where you get the good deal and quality service.
  • I want to say that Al Emad Car Rental has completely won me over with its efficient and transparent service.
  • This guide answers this salient question in detail about what happens if you crash a rental car in Dubai and what one should do if they are involved in a rental car accident in Dubai.
  • Car replacement upon trouble, accidental insurance, child seat, and awe-inspiring discounts.

That’s why we offer great deals every month that allows you to keep your rental for more than just a few days. In a busy and spectacular city like Dubai, you will need a vehicle by your side almost all the time. VIP is Your Gateway to Great Deals for Car Rentals in Dubai. is one of Dubai’s largest car dealer companies that provides a substantial collection of cars in various styles, performances, and deals.

This means that if these parts of the car are damaged, or the car is towed, you will be liable for the whole cost, not just an excess. However, particular rental costs also depend on the specifications of the Lamborghini you prefer. The prospected use informs the decision on whether to rent or buy a car in Dubai. For visitors on short stays, renting is always more advisable than buying. Some of the autos falling within the lower price range include the Chevrolet Camaro and theFord Mustang convertibles, both of which go for 700AED per day.

Car rentals in Dubai have never had more princely prices than they presently are. At Rotana Star Rent-A-Car, a sports car’s daily rental cost may fall anywhere between ,000 AED. It all depends on the type of car you want and its specifications. Luxury car rentals in Dubai offer every dream car you could imagine.

Plus, the versatility of rentals extends to their availability. You can rent a Bugatti in Dubai to take you to a quick cocktail dinner with just as much ease as renting a Rolls Royce Cullinan for that important board meeting. Alternatively, you can choose to go full throttle and land yourself a Ferrari Tri Turbo or Lamborghini Aventador at 6,000AED per day.

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