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It costs less, and you can find sweet offers and mind-blowing deals with long-term car leasing. Although, it might be even better if you lease or car hire for more than just a monthly payment. Be it is for a weekend road trip, or frequent business trips, having a rental car by your side helps negate all travel-related troubles you might face in the Emirate.

You might even want to take a dip in the sandy beaches of Jumeirah Beach. You won’t get where you want to go on time if you take public transportation, especially during rush hour. However, renting a car will make it easier to move around and sometimes avoid traffic instead of sticking to the determined public transportation route. Make your travels across Dubai and Abu Dhabi, a hassle-free one with our private car lease promotion.

Choose From A Wide Range Of Latest Fleet Collection

The versatility that comes with supercar rentals in Dubai can never be overstated. When negotiating the rental cost, please note whether the price is inclusive of a chauffeur or not, as self-driven rentals may come at a lower cost. Is a flexible choice when you want to rent a car in Dubai. We offer a wide range of vehicles under flexible plans based on your needs. Provides you with the best driving experience at the most affordable prices.

Each of our vehicles here at Speedy Drive Car Rental is equipped with Salik tags, and all customers shall be charged AED 5/- each time they move through a toll gate. The allowed Milage per day is 250km, any extra KM will be charged separately. You can purchase extra Milage while completing the booking.

Promising Car Hiring Dubai Deals

Mid-Size Sedans are perfect for families with small kids and for people who need more room during road trips. Moreover, the models provide 5 seats with adequate space for four adults, 2 bags, and 2 suitcases. We will help you find the cheapest option in this class. The JBR is an astonishing place for tourists to relax and enjoy the sparkling blues of nature. It’s a pleasureful 2 km length coastal drive, especially when you have a comfortable vehicle at your service.

And it is also possible to quote for a bespoke mileage package. In most cases, exceeding the mileage quoted will incur additional costs. Having a good idea of the number of miles needed is a great way to stay in budget.

Hire Expert Car Rental Dubai Service for Comfortable TransfersAvailable in red, Black, White, Orange, and Gray by Azhar Luxury Car Rental at their All branch. This 4-door Huracan comes with Push Button Ignition, Rear AC. Premium Audio, Parking Assist, Roof Detachable. Front & Rear Airbags, Adaptive Cruise Control, Parking Sensors, Cooling Seats, Sunroof / Moonroof. Front Air Bags, built-in GPS, leather seats, and other features.Azhar Luxury Car Rental offers delivery when you request your location.

Also, the process is quick, easy and hassle-free, where you are required to only submit limited documents. Almost all car rental companies in Dubai and UAE offer competitive prices. Hertz, Rental Car UAE, Budget car rental, and Thrifty car rentals are some of the top-liked cheap car rental companies in the country.

  • If you are a UAE resident who holds a valid driving license, a cheap monthly car rental can help you to cut costs and save time.
  • Your hire car will usually be under one year old and in perfect condition, having undergone regular maintenance and service checks prior to every rental.
  • The next logical move after the police has inspected the accident is to inform the company which rented the car.
  • After that, we will deliver your car to any location in Dubai.
  • Our fleet at Rentflex is offering unimited options of cars in all ranges from luxury to transport vechicle.

It was my first time in Dubai, and I knew I had to get a car rental as traveling by public transport was not a very attractive choice for me. They have an impressive range of vehicles to choose from, and each car is kept in the best condition. Even the car that they offered me was sparkling clean and almost as good as new. They also had a pick-up provision, which was extremely useful for me as I didn’t personally have to deliver it back to them. I highly recommend them, not only because of their cheap car rental rates but also due to their efficient service. Our car rental location in Downtown offers monthly rental varieties for clients.

If you’ll be going on long drives from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, then a big SUV would most likely be a better choice. Local drives in the city would require a smaller SUV seeing that not much cargo would be needed. Whether you want your car for a date with your partner, a late-night cruise with the gang, or just a simple road trip with the family, we got you covered. Your dream car is just one click away from being parked right under your house.

To pay as below if the hired vehicle is returned before the agreed expiry date of the agreement. Weekly/Daily rates as applicable for Monthly/Lease agreements if the vehicle is returned in the first month of hire. Daily rates are applicable for Weekly agreements if the vehicle is returned in the first week of hire.

Our aim is to find you the perfect vehicle you will be needing for your time in Dubai. Hertz is one of the top and most preferred cheap car rental companies in the country. It is an international car rental company that functions in not only Dubai but many other countries in the world. Hertz was founded some 90 years ago and has been one of the most liked rent-a-car companies in Dubai for many customers.

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