Presbyterian Healthcare Services leveraged Bright.MD’s platform to not only conduct virtual visits but also automate charting, order entry, coding, and billing, so that its providers can deliver quality care for hundreds of low-acuity conditions in two minutes or less.
Ries Robinson, Presbyterian’s Chief Innovation Officer, says their digital health tools helped patients to access care from home, ensure they were directed to the right level of care, or just get some reassurance during a stressful time filled with uncertainty.
“In the early days of coronavirus, the challenge wasn’t just treating possibly infected patients. It was addressing the fears of the worried well—those patients who might normally ignore a sore throat but would show up in the ER and clinics out of an abundance of caution—and those who were dealing with the kinds of health issues that come up independent of a global pandemic.”
To date, Presbyterian has screened more than 20,000 patients for COVID-19 using Online Visits while significantly reducing the potential spread of the virus. Patients who were ill with conditions unrelated to COVID-19 also had a convenient way to get care from home.
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