Founder: Carita Savin (CEO);
Headquarters: Helsinki, Filand
Huoleti/Kindfull is a digital transformation company working in health care, particularly working with home and health care companies to provide them better outcomes, customer retention and data driven customer service. For pharmaceuticals it is a key part of their patient support solutions. Kindfull transforms Service Providers to Community Providers. They get plenty of tools to reach their customers and become the center of the community. They can provide care beyond medical care and tune their service portfolio based on service data. As a user service, Kindfull provides unique, hassle-free, multi-channel way to organize help on an on-demand basis. It keeps people in all ages and in all conditions connected to their community.

Co-founder: David Luu, MD (Chairman)
Headquarters: New York, NY
Marché Health is creating a trusted, independent digital health marketplace that infuses data with community engagement to educate, connect and empower individual stakeholders. Marché aligns business intelligence and decision makers from organizations across healthcare, including health systems, technology, group purchasing, payers and biopharma. This helps facilitate the adoption of value-based healthcare, lower acquisition costs and improve outcomes for patients.

Co-founders: Nicolas Rosencovich (CEO) and Emilio Goldenhersch (CSO)
Headquarters: San Jose, CA
MindCotine delivers highly efficient and personalized remote behavioral change programs combining VR, Mindfulness and Psychotherapy, directly from home.

CEO: Daniel Weinstein
Headquarters: New York, NY
Oshi Health is a virtual clinic that diagnoses and provide whole person treatment for gastrointestinal (GI) conditions. The company redesigned GI care from the ground up to be patient-centered, telehealth-first and value-based. Our integrated, GI-specialized care team includes physicians, NPs, dietitians, psychologists and health coaches to help patients implement a personalized care plan to get control of symptoms, improve quality of life and workplace productivity and reduce overall healthcare costs.

CEO: Lonny Stormo
Headquarters: Minneapolis, MN

Pops offers a consumer-centric solution for self-management of diabetes. Pops’ app-based, personalized, AI virtual coach, paired with a smart-glucose meter provides people living with diabetes an option that is easy to use, discreet and supports successful measuring and monitoring of blood sugar while living an active life. Its virtual coach, Mina, engages with our own Rebel glucose meter, simplifying our user’s ability to better manage and direct their health and clinical care needs, increasing accountability toward true behavior change. Pops supports the whole person with sensitivity, meaningful education and guidance. Pops broadens connectivity and data sharing with loved ones and providers. With streamlined connectivity, trend reports and feedback from Mina interactions, Pops consumes fewer Provider resources while enhancing clinical engagement and follow up care. Delivering improved outcomes and supporting healthy lifestyles Pops brings an innovative cost saving solution for employees and their dependents, health plan members and the healthcare ecosystem.

Photo: AdrianHillman, Getty Images

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